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Let’s hear it for neighborhood bookstores: Here’s mine

We all know it’s cheaper to buy books online or at the big box national discount chains.  I could have saved $12.10 the other day if I had gone on Amazon or over to Barnes & Noble. But if we’re lucky enough to have a local bookstore nearby we ought to do what we can [...]

Literary destination: Taos, New Mexico

Taos, NM ~ This special place in the high desert has for generations drawn writers and artists, who come for the spiritual power of the endless skies, blazing sunlight, and thundering cloudscapes over the vast open plains and dark jagged mountains. D.H. Lawrence and Willa Cather, playwright Thornton Wilder, poet Robinson Jeffers, painter Georgia O’Keefe, [...]

Literary destination: Martha’s Vineyard

Chappaquiddick, MA ~ I’m writing today from this remote sandy outpost off Martha’s Vineyard, the most famous literary island in the US. The Vineyard is one of those enchanted places in the world closely associated with writers and publishing. Think of Paris with Joyce, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway drinking absinthe at the Deux Magots. San Francisco [...]